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Gloucestershire property portfolio

We do not undertake valuations for lending purposes, but we are called upon to provide advice on the value of investment and development property.

One such case required an Independent Expert Witness report and valuation of a portfolio of seven investment properties in Gloucestershire.

The properties comprised a mixture of retail, office and residential buildings, in varying states of repair and condition, mostly let but with some voids. The purpose of the instruction was to assist with the settlement of a dispute over the value of the portfolio and the case was unusual to the extent that given the inability of the parties to agree on a single Expert, two were appointed with equal responsibilities to the County Court and hence both open to challenge.

A detailed valuation report following red Book principles was submitted for each property. Independent building survey advice was commissioned on one of the properties where the refurbishment of two upper floor apartments was incomplete.

The case culminated in a Court Hearing over several days, which included cross examination of the report which we had submitted.

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